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Glossary - terms that are new, or used in this site with specific meanings to remove any ambiguous interpretation

  Definitions of Terms  
  Platform   an environment where information is shared - no physical implication.  
  e-Platform   a platform in an electronic environment. In here, the electronic environment is Web-based and Internet-enabled.  
  Business Chains   The span of cooperating business entities (such as supply chain business processes) from the point of source (e.g., raw materials) to the market (e.g., point of consumption) subscribes to a conceptual view of a chain of related and interdependent business processes. This chain is termed a business chain. For those logistics services which form a chain of end-to-end logistics services or activities, we term this as a logistics chain - an instance of a business chain.  
  Web-dwelling   simply, living in the Web; what it takes for an intelligent agent (assume the traditional definition of "act on behalf of a client intelligently") to 'live' and can be on-demanded. The understanding of proximity must be a character of the 'quarter' that the agent lives. This concept needs to be developed.  
  nomadic RFID tags (nRT)   nRT is a technology allowing a business unit item to traverse trading partners enabling seamless access to the same set of network services, customized and identifiable by the unit item's single unique identity with proper on-demand privacy and security facilitation, regardless of the environment the unit enters. Any nRT tagged object can be characterized as TOSA - Tag-once-synchronize-anywhere.  


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